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Democratization of Fine Jewelry

Indeed, fine jewelry doesn’t require being absurdly expensive if one can streamline the workflow and be transparent with pricing.

Business Model

Bypassing the traditional distribution channels and having the strong partnership with our local manufacturer made it possible to offer our fine jewelry at a reasonable price while making it easy to conduct a quality check.


Our manufacturer, located in Seoul, is comprised of 32 members, of which 25 are artisans and 7 designers with an average of 15 years’ experience in jewelry manufacturing, including some of the top jewelry brands.


We strongly believe that a few well-made and long-lasting jewelry pieces are better than many that are not. For our gold jewelry collection, we do not use gold-filled or gold-plated but only use 14K or 18K solid gold to make our gold jewelry.


“As a company, ethics was one of the things we cared about the most when we decided to launch our online business. We firmly believe that sustainability is the very foundation of any company, regardless of the industry we are in. That is why we keep our moral standards high, to the best of our ability, in every aspect of our business.”


We’re inspired by delicate, feminine, yet simple and modern style. Our aim is to make jewelry pieces that are timeless and can be worn every day, anywhere. To achieve this, we relentless research and study designs and have active communication with our head designer to produce the best design.
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