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Fine Jewelry at Non-luxury Prices

We’re a direct-to-consumer e-commerce company, and our business model allows us to have a complete control over the quality and price of our own products, enabling us to improve our customers’ overall shopping experience.

Given the best materials and craftsmanship, the price we offer is simply not possible without great partnership and teamwork with everyone involved in the manufacturing process, and we are fortunate to have built one.


Pricing Model Comparison

PUERLLA (Actual cost is shown under the “Cost breakdown” tab on each product page.)

= Raw material + Labor (craftsmanship & design) + Our markup.

Traditional Jewelry Brands

= Our price X 1.5 to 3 or more.

We are able to keep our pricing model simple and markup low because there are (is):

1) no retail markup.

2) no brick-and-mortar store, which leads to low overhead costs.

3) no importation costs.

4) no expensive ads.

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