How to Care for Gold Plated Jewelry? – Tips & Suggestions

Women and jewelry go way back! Perhaps this bonding between a woman and her gold is as ancient as time itself. Back in the day, women used gold jewelry not only to adorn themselves but keeping gold jewelry was also considered a wise investment. Fast forward to today’s world – a lot has changed, but the faithful friendship between women and gold jewelry hasn’t become an old wife’s tale yet. Regardless of the age, social positioning and personal tastes, ever woman, even in today’s world, enjoys gold jewelry of some sort.

In present times however, solid gold has been accompanied by its various other variants; to name a few, gold plated, gold vermeil and gold filled jewelry is quite popular among consumers all around the globe. Gold plated jewelry in particular is a huge rage these days. It is created usually with a sterling silver base to cut the cost, but it still maintains gold luster and shine.  Gold plated jewelry is light on pocket hence makes a great gift option for people you care for, it looks pretty and if kept with proper care, can last for a while. However, gold plated jewelry is not as sustainable as solid gold, so you must take some important measures to maintain its shine.

1- Keep the Moisture Away from Your Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold plated jewelry usually just have a thin gold layer coated over brass or silver base, if you are not careful, the gold coating may tarnish over time. Keep your gold plated accessories away from moisture at all times to keep the gold coating safe. This is not the kind of jewelry that you can get away with wearing to gym or hop into shower with it – the sweat or water will ruin it eventually.

2- Stay Away from Perfumes or Body Creams

Perfumes and body mists contain a huge amount of alcohol and other chemicals that may contribute in quick tarnishing of your gold plated jewelry. Same goes for the body butters and creams. Spray and let your perfume dry before you put on any gold plated necklace and extend the life of your jewelry.

3- Avoid Sleeping in Your Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold plated jewelry is more of a temporary thing, sure you can use it for a long time given you take proper care of it, but it is not as sustainable as solid gold, thus you cannot wear your gold plated jewelry pieces 24/7. Think of it in terms of seasonal fashion accessories; they are cheap so you can easily afford to buy new designs every season. Therefore, avoid sleeping in your gold plated jewelry; limit the usage only for when you are dressed up.

4- Storage

Proper storage plays an essential part in extending the life of your gold plated jewelry. Clean your gold plated accessory with a soft cotton ball and store in a cotton jewelry pouch. Avoid throwing it here or there in the moments of laziness, it will result in quick tarnishing of your jewelry.

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