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Ethics and why we currently do not sell diamonds.


“As a company, ethics was one of the things we cared about the most when we decided to launch our online business. We firmly believe that sustainability is the very foundation of any company, regardless of the industry we are in. That is why we keep our moral standards high, to the best of our ability, in every aspect of our business.”

Most of us have heard about blood diamonds and the controversy that surrounds them. Therefore, we dug deeper into the subject by speaking to several local diamond suppliers and doing our own in-depth research to see if we can really secure conflict-free diamonds. Unfortunately, we found out that we cannot guarantee 100% that the diamonds we can acquire are conflict-free.

We learned that diamonds may change hands up to 30 times before they reach the reseller, and each time, there’s a good chance an unknown diamond has been added to the batch. Moreover, according to Global Research, an independent research and media organization based in Montreal, more than one-fifth of diamonds sold worldwide are funding violence and bloodshed.

To conclude, our ample research showed that many ‘conflict-free’ diamonds being circulated in the market are actually blood diamonds. Therefore, we have decided not to sell diamonds for the time being. This is because not only do we not stand behind inflated prices, but we cannot also guarantee 100% the origin of the diamonds.

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