Gift Industry Trends: Handmade Goods Have Never Been Popular & Here Is Why

If you are familiar with online platforms selling handmade gifts, you probably know that the demand in the gift industry has risen a lot over the past few years. As a result, this industry had a big slice of the pie known as the wholesale and retail gift industry. Obviously, the Internet and the rise of the online shopping as a trend contribute to this mass growth.

In a nutshell, handmade products are sold by many people, both official manufacturers and ones who see this as a way to make a living through their hobby – known in the community as artisans. However, for the gift industry and wholesale in general, artisans are seen as big competition. Wondering why?

Today, we are listing some of the main reasons behind the ‘buzz’ with handmade gift items, and how it changed the wholesale and gift industry as we know it.

The Main Reason Behind The ‘Buzz’ With Handmade Goods

The reason why handmade goods are creating a buzz nowadays is quite simple. They are a product of access – one that consumers have nowadays and didn’t have years ago. The access in our case is the digital channel which makes it easy to shop for unique handmade goods online and have them delivered straight to your door.

Another great reason why people prefer buying handmade goods from artisans is the price. Generally, a unique handmade gift can be bought at half the price of the same one found in a store. The low price, accompanied by the multiple shipping options and easy transportations has made people join the eCommerce movement and buy products online, directly from the artisans who create them.

Connecting With The Makers And Investing In Value

The closeness people feel to the makers – artisans – is another one of the big reasons why handmade goods are reinventing the wholesale industry. Artisans are seen as true makers of fine art, and buying a product from the original maker definitely creates a certain connection to both the product and the person who made it.

At the same time, consumers can learn about the things that make these products special and directly connect with the artisans. This approach creates a certain bond that cannot be created in the traditional shopping experience.

Influenced by this movement in a negative way, the big names in the gift and wholesale industry desperately try to mimic this approach. They talk about their product origins, how their collections are made and what makes them special – all in order to get closer to the consumers (who are already sold on the same real ideas by the artisans).

Where Top Quality And Uniqueness Meet

When it comes to handmade items, uniqueness is always underrated. Consumers know that they are often made of higher quality than the mass-produced items because of number of factors.

The perceived value of handmade goods will always be greater when it is coming from actual artisan that manufactures one-of-a-kind, special and memorable items. Since they are products that only a few fortunate people can own, the demand for them is greater.

As you probably know…

In cases like these, the consumer desire to make a difference is huge. The ideal of being able to make a difference to someone’s life and help them carry on their mission – is exactly the ‘human’ approach that many customers are instilling.

Accompanied by the fact that handmade goods are created in homes versus big factories, the customers also know how beneficial this production process is to the environment and why it will always be an attractive option.

So, How Is The Handmade Goods Trend Going To Change The World – And Outrank The Gift Industry?

Instead of thinking that the handmade goods is a trend that will diminish and put a threat to the gift industry, people should think of it as a major opportunity.

An opportunity to spend while saving, develop relationships with real manufacturers, invest in the story of a brand and take part in production processes that are safe to the environment.

From another perspective, handmade goods are great because of the facts that they:

  • Make Connections Real – The handmade goods are telling stories that are real and helping consumers to understand the value of purchasing these products. Since the products are using green processes and are coming from actual manufacturers, they help the buyers form instant decisions.
  • Unique And Special – The way in which these handmade goods are made is probably the most important thing that buyers have in mind before purchasing. The truth is, there are so many things making them unique which also deserve a spot in the marketing efforts.
  • Keeping The Prices Realistic – As we said above, big brands have a tendency to overprice items like gifts. On the other hand, handmade goods tend to keep the prices realistic and offer transparent and affordable pricing.

Is Your Gift Business Using These Principles?

At this point, you probably know what makes the difference between unique handmade products and wholesale ones labeled as gifts. After all, giving a gift should always have a meaning – and investing in handmade products will always carry that meaning.

If you still haven’t brought your handmade business to light, you can still take advantage and consider all of these aspects that make such businesses unique. And if you want to level up the quality of your products, make sure to focus on these points and bring them as close to the customers as possible.

You may not know it – but what you have is powerful… Powerful enough to disrupt the entire wholesale industry and put you in the spotlight!

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