Gold Jewelry and its Types: Take Your Pick

Do you ever get intimidated by the plethora of available options in the market when it comes to purchasing jewelry? You, my friend, are not alone! Gone are the days when everything about jewelry could be concluded in two simple words: gold or imitation; in today’s progressive consumer market, designers and jewelry makers have introduced several options for their customers to choose from; from solid real gold to gold filled pieces to gold plated dainty items, there is so much to learn about jewelry before you decide to invest in some.

Since a lot of online customers are usually not aware of the difference among various versions of gold jewelry, here is a quick cheat-sheet to familiarize you with all the important types. Read away!

Gold Plated Jewelry

As evident from the name, gold plating is a process of using a base metal as a raw material for jewelry making. This base is later dipped into an electroplating solution with lump of solid gold and thus creating a layer of gold over the base material. Gold plated jewelry is all the rage these days since it is economical yet looks fab! Sterling silver is the most popular metal base used for gold plated jewelry. This type of jewelry does lose its luster with time but there is no denying that it is beautiful while it lasts.

Gold Vermeil Jewelry

In simplest, easy to comprehend lay-man terms, gold vermeil jewelry is basically taking the gold plated jewelry up a notch. It originates from the same family and a similar gold plating process is done to create gold vermeil jewelry, but for it the base metal is dipped in the solution for a longer period of time thus the gold layer on the base metal is usually quite thick and lasts longer than ordinary gold plated jewelry. The base metal is typically sterling silver.

Gold Filled Jewelry

Gold filled jewelry is where things get a little more boujee and up-scaled in comparison with the gold plated or gold vermeil jewelry. Gold filled jewelry is created by permanently bonding gold alloy and a sterling silver or brass core using heat and pressure. In this process gold remains permanently bonded with the base metal hence the jewelry piece never loses its gold shine and hue. This kind of jewelry is very sustainable but not as precious as solid gold.

Solid Gold Jewelry

Now solid gold jewelry is well jewelry created using solid gold – no metal base or alloy is usually used in its making; it is usually lighter in color than any form of semi-fine or gold-imitation jewelry. It is a highly sustain-able and precious metal hence like an investment, it would last for you for a lifetime!

All forms of gold jewelry have their own distinct qualities and merits; it’s a good thing that you get to pick things according to your budget and choice. Gold plated and gold vermeil jewelry items are best for those of you who are fashion forward and looking to change their jewelry seasonally! The other two are for those who like to cherish their jewelry for a long time.

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