5 Reasons To Choose Handmade Goods

In today’s world, just about every product you see has been mass-produced. This production process comes with many advantages, the main one being that mass production manufacturing can fulfill a worldwide demand on a product.

However, there is still a demand for things made by hand. People place a value on items that are very unique, a product that has been carefully handcrafted in limited quantities. You may not realize it, but it does matter when something is handmade, here’s why:

When Something Is Made by Hand, You Have Options

1. American Manufacturing is Now Embracing Handmade

Over the last several decades American Manufacturing has been changing. It’s moving away from the traditional mass production assembly line manufacturing model towards something entirely different. Change is not always easy, but this change has opened the doors to a new type of manufacturing, one that offers opportunities for individuals and allows people to have more of a voice. When you buy something that’s been handmade you are affirming that human voice and giving it continuity. When a community gets involved, many times over, the whole city can blossom with new life. It’s happening clear across America today and making the country better, one community and city at a time.

2. We As Humans Naturally Value Creativity

When you literally make something by hand, you can’t help but leave some part of yourself behind in the item, whatever it is. When you’re done, you’re proud of what you created, in part because you see aspects of yourself in it. When you buy an item made by someone else, who you are as a person is somehow reflected in the purchase. It might be the shape, texture or color, or perhaps just the mood you’re in at the time. A handcrafted item expresses the passion and creativity of the individual who made it. Something handmade is treasured far more than anything that’s been mass-produced.

3. Items Made by Hand are Created in an Atmosphere of Honor, Respect and Joy

When you take a look around the work environment of someone who makes their living being creative, you would likely see a space that reflects a sense of honor, respect and joy. Those are the values that make up the essence of a handmade item. As an example, think about the yarn that goes into a hand-knit garment, and that it caressed the fingers of the knitter who created the garment with love and purpose. Of course you’re going to take special care of something like this.

4. A Handmade Item is Unique, One-Of-A-Kind

When something is made by hand, there are no two alike. Even if the maker is trying to duplicate their creation, there will be variations in shape, texture, grain, shading and color. This is inherent in the process. Because no two items can be the same, every handmade item is unique, a one-of-a-kind. This makes them very special. Who wouldn’t love an item like this?

5. When an Item is Created From the Heart it’s Simply More Beautiful

You can have a luncheon and serve store-bought mass-produced frozen cheesecake or you can get your mother’s recipe and lovingly make your own from scratch. A frozen dessert will do in an emergency, but the one you make yourself from a family recipe will touch the heart of everyone who tastes it.

Consumer tastes are shifting. A movement is afoot. People are more willing than ever to learn about an item made by hand and they are beginning to understand the value.

People are dreaming up things that don’t yet exist, but definitely should, and then going to work to bring them to life.

It makes a difference when something is handmade. People do understand this.

Do you think it matters when something is made by hand? Why?

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